Instructions on how to use jigsaw game.

click on button named gallery to choose what picture you want.

When you have the picture you want, use your mouse to left click a jigsaw piece.Once you have clicked the jigsaw peice it will be highlighed red around the edge of that piece(this means that piece is now activated)

Keep left mouse button down to move / drag that piece around.To turn a piece around whilst that piece is highlighted(red edges around it) use your mouse wheel to turn piece around.If you have not got a wheel on your mouse simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard instead.

So move the piece around into the position you want and just offer it up / drag it to the piece you want to connect it too and let go of the left mouse button and if correct piece is offered it will flash briefly and automatically connect/join together.

Just repeat process until complete.

You can also grab(using left mouse button) parts of the jigsaw pieces you have joined together and move that around to give you more space as you build the picture.