Manchester scooter club.

"HAVE YOU GOT A SCOOTER?... Do ya wanna attend rides and rallies?, Meeting and supporting other clubs?..... We are "The Vesperados S.C",  we are a family friendly club, without membership fees and we dont do the politics, we get out most weekends as you can see from our site and we welcome riders old and new.

Over the years our club members have seen these quotes at the end of text messages etc "remember our scooters are thrashed and not stashed" or "remember our scooters are ridden, not hidden" well thats what we do at this club, ride our scooters when we can or attend days out and other functions. So come on and be part of something great.

Hope to hear from you and see you all soon. As a popular band called  secret affair once sang - "This is the time for action" (track 2 on the music player).


The above is our club patch of today which represents our club. See what was the original in 2005, just place your mouse pointer over the picture to reveal the original design of 2005 that developed into what we have today.